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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

NBHA National Free For All Championship

NBHA National Free For All Championship

1. Paint Me Gold S M Taylor Taylor
1. Seminole Wind S F Foreman Foreman

2. Bob’s Miller Daisy P F Phillips Phillips
2. Ninnescah Liberator P M Steckley Gebhardt

3. Dot Is Ice Cold P F Gulick Gulick
3. Penrosa Stoneyox S M Penn Penn

4. Silver Diamond Cricket P F Snow Snow
4. Kozican’s Six Pop Gun S M Taylor Taylor

5. Bob’s Elhew Kate P F Phillips Phillips
5. Doc’s Touch of Gold P F Rutschi Rutschi

6. Kozican S M Taylor Taylor
6. Southern Comfort Jack P M Foreman Foreman

7. Creekwood Missy P F Snow Snow
7. Shockamo S M Taylor Taylor

8. Pawnbroker’s Royal Flush P M Gulick Gulick
8. Bob’s Elhew Jill P F Phillips Phillips

9. Sir Eaton P M Martin Gebhardt
9. Ninnescah War Dance P M Foreman Foreman

10. Penrosa Jane Doe S F Penn Penn
10. Ketchican S M Taylor Taylor

Monday, November 17, 2014

Region 8 Open All Age-National CH Qualifier

Region 8 Open All Age

Inola, OK
Judges Tom Milam and William Smith

1A WW Red Rage PM Daughtery
1B Sanders Buckshot PM Anderson

2A Lester’s Jazzman PM Anderson
2B Oakspring Bigtime Warrior PM Vincent

3A Liquid Courage PM Vincent
3B Touch’s Adams County PM Anderson

4A Texas Wild Agin PM Vincent
4B Salen’s Anne Oakley PF Daugherty

5A Last Survivor PM Vincent
5B Dialing For Dollars PF Johnson

6A White Feather PM Anderson
6B Westfall’s Black Ace PM Daugherty

7A White Flyer PM Anderson
7B Raelyn’s High Cotton PM Vincent

8A Phillips Field Line PM Anderson
8B Chinquapin Speck PM Haynes

9A Barshoe Five’n Dimer PM Vincent
9B White Dollar PM Anderson

10A Capital’s High Yield PM Johnson
10B Scooby Doo PM Vincent

11A Original Sin PM Vincent
11B Touch’s Blackout PM Anderson

12A Oakspring Justified PM Vincent
12B Miller’s Happy Jack PM Anderson

Region 8 Open Derby

Inola, Ok
Judges: Tom Milam and William Smith

1A Valiant PM Anderson
1B SF Trademark Smith

2A Init to Winit PM Anderson
2B Barshoe Five’n Dimer PM Vincent

3A Oakspring Justified PM Vincent
3B SF Bandwagon Smith

4A Stake Your Claim PM Anderson
4B SF Mapleleaf Smith

5A SF Sidepocket Smith
5B She’s A Knockout PF Curtsinger

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Region 8 Amatuer All Age CH

Inola, OK
Judges: Jon Humphrey Claremore, OK and Everett Brannan Powderly, TX

1A Barkers Big Coon SM Barker
1B SF Strongwind PM Smith

2A Three Ten to Yuma PM Smith
2B Texas Bragg PM Neil

3A Open Range Terminator PM Barker
3B Angel Fire SF Michaletz

4A Jets Stardancer SF Michaletz
4B Stylish Victor PM Curtsinger

5A Sunstroke SM Vice
5B Bitter Creek Bo PM Patton

6A Greypointe Izqueirda PM Meyer
6B Capital’s High Yield PM Johnson

7A Dialing For Dollars PF Johnson
7B Stylish Stinger Bee PF Curtsinger

8A Frontline Butch PM Livingston
8B Good Times Girl PF Neil

9A Jack BM Milam
9B Rebels Highnoon Drifter PM Michaletz

10A Rockstar Andy PM Neil
10B Liquid Courage PM Rankin

11A Razzmatazz PM Reed
11B WhiteFeather PM Hensley

12A Collateral Damage PM Roberts
12B Fadious River HC PM Smith

13A Frontline Rebelator PM Livingston
13B Greypointe Islamorada PM Meyer

14A Spectre SM Michaletz
14B Bye

Monday, November 10, 2014

Grand National Grouse CH

Winners: CH- Long Gone Buckwheat: owner Lloyd Murray, handler Dave Hughes RU- Terharrs Rogue: owner and handler Dave Terhaar                       Judges: Peter Flanagan, Oxford, N.Y. and Kelly Shepherd, Waverly, Ohio
Reporter: Denise Peters, Battle Creek, Mi.
Stake Manager: Bryan Wood

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Grand National Grouse Championship

Grand National Grouse Championship 

November 4, 2014-Gladwin Field Trial Area, Meredith, Mi.

Judges: Peter Flanagan, Oxford, N.Y. and Kelly Shepherd, Waverly, Ohio
Reporter: Denise Peters, Battle Creek, Mi.
Stake Manager: Bryan Wood

Courses and Daily Schedule: Start each day 7-8, 9-10,11-12,13-14,
1-2,3,5-6. Morning start planned for 7:30 a.m.

Brace Name B/S Owner Handler
1. Jetwood ESM Cooper Chaffee
1. Full Blast ESM Brenneman/Watts Hughes 

2. Chasehill Little Thudd PM Kisielski Hughes
2. Nobody's Shadow ESM Wheelock Wheelock

3. Centerfold Sis ESF Holmes Holmes
3. Fireside Drama Queen (IS) ESF Esser Chaffee

4. Long Gone Buckwheat ESM Murray Hughes
4. Bad River Rutherford ESM Vanecek Vanecek

5. Willow Woods Boone ESM DeMatio Hughes
5. Nelson's Van Max PM Nelson Chaffee

6. Fricke'n Coco ESF Fricke Ecker
6. McRae's Gypsie Belle (IS) ESF McRae McRae

7. Impact Player ESM Krafinski Hughes
7. Baxter's Apache John ESM Peters Peters

8. Doodle Ridge Mia ESF Meuller Hughes
8. Fernwood Cove's Bella (IS) ESF Gill Dahl

9. Terhaar's Rogue ESF Terhaar Terhaar
9. Hi Desert Dream (IS) PF Piperis Forman

10. Sutter's Country Race ESF Sutter Hughes
10. Springpond's Shooting Star (IS) ESF Bauman Chaffee 

11. Sutter's Real McCoy ESM Sutter Hughes
11 Chip's A-100 ESM Chiappini Forman

12. Call Me Maggie ESF Merlington Merlington/
12. Wild Apple Faith (IS) PF DeLong DeLong

13. Dew Sweeper PM Straub Straub/
13. Ghost Train Cody ESM Ghost Tr. Ken. Fruchey

14. Straight Forward ESF Brenneman/Watts Hughes
14. Upper Cove Lillie Babe (IS) ESF Capocci Forman

15. Snyder's Liz ESF Snyder Chaffee
15. Ghost Train Liz (IS) ESF Ghost Tr. Ken. Fruchey

16. Long Gone Studley ESM Murray/Banks Hughes
16. Shady Hills Billy Too ESM Cooper Forman

17. Jaike ESM Staker Hughes
17. Quail Trap Max ESM Hawk Chaffee

18. Upper Amonoosuc Sadie ESF Marquis Ecker
18. Chip's Charlie Brown ESM Chiappini/Reeves Forman

19. Terhaar's Daisy ESF Terhaar Terhaar
19. Thunderhills Ghost Rider PM Tsepolis Hughes

20. Jar's Way Shirley ESF Yutzey Hughes
20. River's Edge Sadie (IS) ESF Cooke Forman

21. Lucky Luke Star ESM Najor Ecker
21. Bloom's Ole Dollar ESF Bloom Bressler

22. Phillips Half Moon (IS) ESF Phillips Hughes
22. Spitfire ESF Spotts Spotts

23. Suemac's Coventry (IS) PF McPherson Hughes
23. Rockland Ridge McGraw ESF Chlapaty Ecker

24. Rowling's Nike ESF Rowling Rowling
24. Quail Trap Sadie (IS) ESF Hawk Chaffee

25. Kendal Hills Foxfire (IS) ESF Perschke/Tufts Hughes
25. Herbie's Asta LaVista ESF Humphrey Forman

26. Rocky Point Lily ESF Swauger/McMillan Hughes
26. Backwood's Bankruptcy ESM McAllister Chaffee

27. Hunter's Paleface ESM Bressler Bressler
27. McRae's Ezekiel ESM McRae McRae

28. My Counsin Vinnie PM Cammisa Hughes
28. Texas Black Pepper ESM Klein Ecker

29. Islander ESM Kazic Ecker
29. Centerfold Bette ESF Holmes Holmes

30. Pouncey ESM Straub Hughes/ Straub
30. Meredith's El DeGuello ESM Keysor Chaffee

31. Far Away ESM Hughes Hughes
31. Glenrae's Mr. Finnegan ESM Naus Naus/Naus

32. Pepper Jack Wood ESM Bodo Bodo
32. Upper Cove Desert Devil ESM Piperis Forman

33. Moss Meadow Traveler ESM Moss Chaffee

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pennsylvania Grouse CH

Champion... Hunter's Pale Face w/Lance Bressler.
R.U. Ch.... Phillips Half Moon w/Mark Hughes
Back....... Doug McMillen (judge), Bill Henke, and Dave Blakely (judge)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rend Lake Open All-Age

The Rend Lake Open All-Age with 36 entries concluded this evening!

1st Miller's Dialin In Gary Lester
2nd Touch's Grave Digger Ike Todd
3rd Erin's Wild River Sean Derrig